Service and Maintenance Charges

Services that Michiana Aquarium Professionals, LLC Provides:

Aquarium Maintenance on a weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, or quarterly schedule
New Aquarium set-up
Aquarium plumbing and filtration
Compatibility consultation for fish and invertebrate inhabitants
Aquarium Design and installation consultation
Vacation Feeding

A typical service includes:

A thorough algae scraping with every visit
The vacuuming of rocks, sand, or gravel to rid the tank of excessive waste elimination
Water testing as needed
Additives provided as needed
Inspection of current fish and suggestions for future fish compatibility
Protein skimmer cup cleaning
Cleaning and changing of filter material
Fish-friendly exterior cleaning of tank and stand
Communication with you on the status of your aquarium tank and any potential issues that could arise before your next service
Water changes that are based on type of aquarium set-up

Please contact us for a customized quote based on the type of servicing needs specific to your aquarium.  We will work with your scheduling and budgeting needs, providing you exceptional service at a cost that is comfortable with you. 

Phone: 574-849-5139
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