Commonly Asked Questions

Q:  Which type of aquarium set-up is right for me?

A:   We specialize in two basic forms of aquariums: freshwater and saltwater.  The set-up that is best for you can be determined by the style of your home or office, your budget, and the amount of maintenance you desire for the aquarium.  We can answer your questions and make recommendations to help you determine the right set-up for your tank.

Q:  What size of tank should I choose?

A:   The longer and wider an aquarium tank is, will provide a more optimum environment for the exchanging of carbon dioxide and oxygen.  Larger tanks can allow for a greater variety of fish species.  Smaller tanks might be more ideal for certain breeds of fish.  We will work with you to answer your questions to determine which tank size is best for you.

Q:  Is Michiana Aquarium Professionals, LLC fully insured?

A:   Yes - we carry full business insurance coverage, commercial liability, and commercial vehicle coverage.  We can provide certification of our insurance policy upon request.  Many privately owned aquarium maintenance companies carry little or no insurance coverage or will expect that you sign a "Hold Harmless Contract" that permits you from suing them for damages to your home or office that they cause.

Q:  What differentiates Michiana Aquarium Professionals, LLC from the competition?

A:   We strive to be the best aquarium installation, service, and maintenance company servicing the greater Michiana area.  Our Professional Aquarists are expertly trained and are constantly seeking new knowledge regarding the latest trends in aquarium fish keeping. When comparing other maintenance companies to Michiana Aquarium Professionals, you might wish to ask the other companies how many years they have been performing professional aquarium maintenance, how many aquariums do they currently service, what is the largest size aquarium that they have serviced (or do service) and whether they devote their primary employment to aquarium maintenance or do it "on the side".  We often receive calls from damages or lack of proper maintenance by so-called "hobbyists" which, unfortunately, ends up turning into a big and potentially expensive hassle for our customers.

Q:  The retail pet/fish store that I visit offers aquarium maintenance.  Why should I choose you?

A:   We don't own and operate a retail pet store.  Our only focus is on aquarium maintenance, set up and service.  This allows us to perfect our services, devote resources, knowledge and time to our customers in this area specifically rather than a pet store that devotes their time to other areas of pet care.  Our current customers who previously used aquarium maintenance through retail pet store have expressed frustrations of limited scheduling time for service, lack of proper insurance coverage for on-site aquarium maintenance service and that the business has suddenly closed with no advanced warning.

Q:  I really prefer that you not clean my tank in front of my customers, can I arrange an after-hours service time for maintenance?

A:  Absolutely!  We frequently service and maintain aquariums after hours for commercial customers or residential customers that prefer this time.  Please let us know this is your preference and we will be glad to accommodate you.

Q:  I really want to have an aquarium tank installed in a wall in my home.  Can you do this?

A:  We can certainly do this.  We will work with a licensed contractor, who will draw up the plans and inform you of the costs for installation.  Most importantly, access to the aquarium tank will be hidden under a picture-frame style border or access piece that swings open from the top.  In addition, some of our larger commercial customers have their aquarium filters hidden directly below their tanks in a basement or storage facility.  This presents a clean and professional image to your office or residence, if you prefer.  However, most customers have no issues with a sturdy, well-crafted stand that holds the aquarium equipment.  We would be glad to explain the differences to you during our consultation appointment.

Q:  What happens if my aquarium tank leaks or malfunctions?

A:  First - we ask that you contact us immediately.  We guarantee 24/7 response for emergency services.  Secondly, we will determine what the issue is and will find a resolution as soon as possible.  It is extremely rare that an aquarium tank would leak if it has been properly maintained and is well taken care of.  Virtually every aquarium manufacturer guarantees a warranty against leaks.  It is also very important to never purchase an aquarium from a friend or at a garage sale without consulting an aquarium professional first, such as us.  We can evaluate the tank to determine its viability.

Q:  What sort of guarantee does Michiana Aquarium Professionals, LLC offer for maintenance and live stock?

A:  We offer a 6-month new installation guarantee that ensures that you will be satisfied with your new aquarium set-up from the beginning.  During the first 6-months following the date of your installation, if you experience any issues or dissatisfaction with your new aquarium - we will address that free of any charges.  In addition, we also offer a 7-day live-stock guarantee for fish that we place in your new or existing tank.

Most of our current customers are not fish hobbyists or have a vast knowledge of fish tank aquariums.  Simply put...we don't expect them to be.  That is our job at Michiana Aquarium Professionals, LLC.  We will work with your needs and desires and suggest the set up that is right for you, whether you have a distinct vision of an aquarium set up or just want an appealing but low maintenance fish tank.   Fish are our focus!
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