The Work of Michiana Aquarium Professionals, LLC:
30 Gallon Planted Driftwood Tank with White Cloud Mountain Minnow Fish
29 Gallon Planted Show Tank with Tetra Fish and Open-Top T5 Lighting
30 Gallon African Cichlid Tank with Large Rocks, Sand and Live Plants
55 Gallon Planted Driftwood Tank with Java Moss and Dwarf Rainbow Fish
90 Gallon Tank with Various Plants and Angel Fish
90 Gallon Tank with a cluster of Cryptocoryne Wendtii
200 Gallon Saltwater Tank with Various Corals
20 Gallon Long Tank with Planted Driftwood and Tetra Fish
Our work and creativity has been featured in aquariums located in various pediatric offices, pet stores, hospitals, restaurant, law offices, and health clinics.  The aquariums that we service include both residential and commercial - saltwater and freshwater.

Phone: 574-849-5139
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